QViewer - fast viewer for QVD files

QViewer is a fast (1mln rows loads in 1-2s) and lightweight (<200KB) file viewer for QlikView's QVD files, developed by me. With its help it's not necessary anymore to create a small QlikView application every time when you need to look inside a QVD. Associate it with .qvd file extension and enjoy viewing QVD files in one click.

Features and remarks

  • Row-level data of a QVD file
  • Null counts, numeric counts, text counts for every field
  • Searchable list of unique values of a column with counts for every value, search in table
  • Table and column metadata
  • QViewer can be associated with file extensions (e.g. .qvd)
  • Possibility to show/hide selected columns
  • Partial load for dealing with large files
  • Currently offered for free, may be offered for a reasonable fee later
UPDATE: QViewer rebranded as EasyQlik QViewer since December'12 and got its personal web site http://easyqlik.com Check it out to know more about QViewer. This page is obsolete.


Screenshot (click to enlarge)