March 4, 2011

Teradata acquires Aster Data: Final switch to a new generation of analytical engines

Following HP's acquisition of Vertica, Teradata decided to buy Aster Data. The deal is a noticeable milestone -- now all major vendors of DWH platforms have switched to a new generation of analytical engines:
  • Teradata will have Aster Data soon
  • IBM has Netezza
  • Oracle has Exadata
  • Microsoft has SQL Server Parallel Database, going to have columnar storage in Denali
  • SAP has Sybase IQ, Sybase MPP, Explorer Accelerated
Not to forget emerging players on DWH market:
  • HP with brilliant Vertica
  • EMC with Greenplum
The new generation  features (in various combinations) Massively Parallel Processing (MPP), columnar storages, hardware SQL acceleration, MapReduce, advanced in-database analytical functions.

Era of row-based SMP databases for analytical workloads on large datasets has gone. Don't miss the train.