August 17, 2011

Hot keys in QlikView: round up

Following the discussion on LinkedIn started by my previous post about hot keys in QlikView here is brief cheat sheet of hot keys shared by wonderful LinkedIn QlikView community:

Script Editor

<F5> or <Ctrl> + R
runs load script
<CTRL> + <Shift> + R
partial reload
<Ctrl> + T
shows model diagram
<Ctrl> + E
opens table editor for LOAD INLINE statements (cursor should be placed inside statement)
<Ctrl> + Q + Q
inserts script that generates several dummy tables
<Ctrl> + K + C
<Ctrl> + K + U
comments/uncomments blocks of script
<Ctrl> + F
allows search within the script in the debugger window


<Control> + <Shift>
allows moving objects inside a chart
<Ctrl> + <Shift> + S
toggles visibility settings for all objects on a sheet
<Ctrl> + M
launches macro editor
<Ctrl> + E
launches script editor
<Ctrl> + T
shows model diagram
<Ctrl> + <Shift> + M
toggles macro security
<Ctrl> + <Arrow>
moves selected object pixel by pixel
<Ctrl> + <Shift> + <Arrow>
moves selected object for longer distance
<Ctrl> + <Alt> + V
opens variable overview
<Ctrl> + <Alt> + E
opens expressions overview
<Ctrl> + <Alt> + D
opens document properties
<Ctrl> + <Alt> + S
opens sheet properties
<Ctrl > + Q
opens current selection
<Ctrl> + <Shift> + Q
opens detailed technical information about application
refreshes UI in WebView mode
<Alt> + <Enter>
opens property window of any object (including sheet)
<Ctrl> + <Tab>
cycles between open windows in QlikView or between tabs in object property window