September 18, 2011

BI Review gets imitators

It seems that my blog BI Review (which you are reading now) made some noise in the BI world as now I'm getting imitators who are not ashamed to pick exactly the same name for their domain which has been registered a few weeks ago and pretends to publish reviews about business intelligence. Moreover, that guys must be so shy, that they cloaked domain owner's name using anonymizing service from GoDaddy.

I've launched this blog only a few months ago with a lot of skepticism because English is not my native language and I never blogged in English, and because I live in small, retarded and corrupted country from "the rest of the world". Now every month more than 1000 readers find something to read here, I've got a lot of interesting connections and now I'm getting imitators -- I couldn't wish more when I just started :)

BI Review will always remain here, at this web address: