September 15, 2011

Explainum Feeds can use domain tags now

Small update to Explainum Feeds -- now you can use tags in extension properties, which are defined in properties' field Domain Tags. Now, when comments are made, they are attached to tags as well as to selection in QlikView fields. With the help of tags it is possible to merge or separate comment streams. For example imagine you have two applications (with the same extension token): one application with extension tagged "sales" and another one application where extension has tag "finance". Comments made in one application will not be displayed in the other, even if context fields and selections are identical. However if you create 3rd extension box and define in it's properties tags "sales, finance", it will display all comments from 1st and 2nd extensions according to context fields and selections.

Besides separation by business departments, tags can also be used for separation of comments by languages, regions, etc.

If you don't need this feature just leave default value in this field ("all").

If you downloaded extension in last 2 weeks -- no update needed. Extension script is updated automatically.