September 16, 2011

Social Business Intelligence: Things start changing

I wrote earlier that BI vendors underestimated need for collaboration capabilities and social functions in their BI platforms. However, it looks like things start changing -- there are more and more news about upcoming social features and even full-scale collaboration platforms from BI vendors. Here are some of them:

Most interesting and innovative product comes from TIBCO (the producer of in-memory BI tool Spotfire with advanced analytical capabilities) with trendy name Tibbr ( Tibbr is actually a full-scale collaboration platform which plays in the same category as Yammer, but offers much more interesting approach, which definitely deserves separate review.

Not that innovative, but still solid and comprehensive social feature set was released by IBM a year ago, when they integrated IBM Cognos and Lotus Connections -- powerful IBM's collaboration platform. Capability of annotating data existed in Cognos Planning since ages, now it has reincarnated by means of Lotus Connections for the whole Cognos product family.

It's good to see that QlikTech also makes some steps towards developing collaboration features as well, as they're going to implement annotations in the upcoming 11th version of QlikView. Not that revolutionary as Tibbr but still better then nothing.

Small SaaS BI startup Lyza which made strong point on collaboration around data since early days seems also going to make next iteration of its web-based BI tool -- teaser on their web site speaks about this.