November 30, 2011

BI Review hits 3'000 pageviews per month

BI Review hits 3'000 page views in November! Wow, I didn't expect that :) I'm very grateful to all visitors for their attention to my blog -- that's really incredible experience.

As you can see on the screenshot above -- most popular post is Busting 5 Myths About QlikView. I don't know if I would ever be able to write something BI-related that would attract so many visitors again as I'm gradually moving away from analysis and comparison of different BI platforms, which was my main subject during the last several years. Now I stick with QlikView and I'm pretty happy about this -- I like participating in many shorter projects rather than spending months and years building one system. Also, I dive deeper into my amateurish experiments with web projects, which now tend to move from BI and data visualization theme to collaboration tools and social media.

PS. By the way, I'm not alone in floating from BI towards collaboration :)  Have you checked what Lyza (once social web BI tool) has recently transformed into ? Also take a look at Tibbr -- a collaboration platform from Tibco, producer of in-memory BI tool Spotfire.

November 24, 2011

QlikView 11 FAQ on QlikCommunity

Detailed and honest QlikView 11 Frequently Asked Questions has been published on QlikCommunity web-site. Good place to understand what's really new in QlikView 11.

You may want to go there after you took a look at shiny and glossy What's new in QlikView 11 data sheet (pdf).