March 17, 2013

Better Lineage in QViewer and some other updates

Here is a brief overview of features recently added to EasyQlik QViewer -- my favorite QVD viewer :) If you're subscribed to QViewer newsletter then you've heard about some of them except the most recent.

Better Lineage

Since QlikView 11 all QVD files generated by version 11 apps contain SQL statements from loading script. This is quite handy when you need to recall what fields from database were used as source for a QVD.  It doesn't contain full snippets of script so it's not possible to see entire transformation logic, however this is handy when you only need to remind yourself what it was. Also QVDs contain connection strings, so that you can double-check if source database and schema are correct. Previously, Metadata window in QViewer showed only 1 line per Discriminator/Statement and it wasn't convenient for viewing SQL statements. Therefore starting from version 1.4.4 there is new additional multi-line window for viewing Discriminator/Statement records from QVD headers. See screenshot below (clickable).