August 29, 2011

Extension for creating comments in QlikView is publicly available

Explainum Feeds for QlikView -- an extension for creating context-dependent annotations in QlikView is publicly available now. You can get the extension, deployment guidelines and a couple of demo apps on

Key features

  • Twitter-like feeds of comments linked to data context defined by selection in QV apps — e.g. select "London","2011" to see comments that relate to London and year 2011
  • Clicking a comment selects its context (like a bookmark)
  • Common feeds for different QlikView applications and servers
  • Doesn't require QlikView Server (however, internet connection is needed)
  • User names in comments (anonymous mode is also possible)
  • Works on both desktop (in WebView mode) and server installations
  • Many feeds per sheet and application
  • Zero-administration extension script updates
  • Free public service
Currently, the extension works only with QV 10 SR2, as SR3 has crucial bug that crashes extension (hope it will be fixed in SR4).

Technical issues can be discussed in dedicated thread on QlikCommunity.