January 25, 2016

EasyMorph product roadmap

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By version 3.0 EasyMorph will be a 3-in-1 tool for small and medium businesses, and enterprise data analysts. Its main features will include:
  • New for the industry, "arrowless" data transformation design (already available in ver.2.5)
  • Instant calculations -- calculations performed in the background immediately after any change
  • Drag-n-drop line and bar charts
  • Chart calculations that are done using the same transformations that are used for data transformation (in EasyMorph there is no difference between ETL and BI calculations)
  • PDF reports with annotations on charts and tables
  • Project parameters and "what-if" analysis capability
  • Asynchronous calculations -- e.g. simultaneous database querying, file loading, aggregating and sorting
The tool is intended as a next step after Excel reporting. It's not as comprehensive (and complex) as enterprise platforms, but it's not so expensive either. Besides the forever free EasyMorph edition, there are two more editions: EasyMorph Plus for just $295 and EasyMorph Professional for $45/month (compare editions).